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Advanced, proactive protection against viruses and spyware in one great value subscription
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26 March 2008

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Today we perform our various works on our PC and use internet for sending and receiving information on a regular basis. The more we get indulged in internet activity the more our PCs are exposed to different types of malicious processes like virus malwares, etc. To protect our system and stop all the viruses, malwares, etc antivirus software are necessitated. One such software that you can try using is Outpost Antivirus Pro 2008. It conducts two autonomous research operations; VirusBuster team and Agnitum spyware team. It detects and blocks viruses so that they can not damage the program files or compromise information security.

Outpost Antivirus Pro 2008 the interface displays a well structured interface that is easily understandable and can operated without any trouble. The main screen shows the options on the right top and the left side. Selecting the Anti Malware feature you need to have the objects selected for conducting the scan. Mark the provided objects and select the features like file size, file extensions, and scanning for archive. Carry the scanning process and the malwares are detected and quarantined by the program. Follow the process that helps you to deal with detected viruses and malwares. Host protection helps you with the anti-leak control, component control, and critical system objects control. With the web control you can select the options to block the spy sites and private data. Change the settings of the program to have the program working according to the chosen features relating to anti malware, host protection, and web control.

Outpost Antivirus Pro 2008 protects the PC from the malwares and also has the feature to restrict spy sites for inflicting damage on your PC. The software is rated with 3 points for its range of features. However on the downside the software has a long way to go before it matches any commercially successful antivirus suites like Norton.

Publisher's description

OAV delivers comprehensive, effective protection against viruses and other malware through a single high-efficiency scan engine. Users benefit from two independent research operations - the VB100 certified VirusBuster team and the Agnitum spyware team. The SmartScan accelerated technology scans only items altered since the last scan. The proactive protection prevents attacks by detecting and blocking virus-like behavior at the source
Outpost Antivirus Pro
Outpost Antivirus Pro
Version 2008
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